Taking Part

If you have never played but would be interested in trying the game, please contact us to arrange an introductory session. If you have had a taster session we very much hope you enjoyed it and that you may be thinking of joining us.

The club runs a beginners course (photo from the 2017 course) at the start of the summer season, held over five Sunday afternoons.  The club also runs coaching courses throughout the year at different levels.

Here are a number of things you may want to know:

  • The club plays both common versions of the game, Association Croquet and Golf Croquet and caters for players of all standards from beginner to experienced. Croquet is played throughout the year subject to weather conditions.
  • Members are entitled to unlimited use of the excellent quality lawns and all equipment, except when the lawns are reserved for occasional tournaments and other events. New members may use club mallets which vary in weight and dimensions and, whilst no member can reserve a particular mallet, several similar ones are normally available. After a year it is expected that members acquire their own mallets. Some secondhand mallets which have been donated to the Club may be available for resale.
  • Club days are Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons (golf croquet) and Monday (evening), Wednesday and Sundays (association) throughout the playing season. These are very much the heart and soul of the Club’s activities and all members are welcome. Members are free to use the lawns at all other times to arrange games themselves or just to practise.
  • If you have started by playing the Golf Croquet version of the game, you will be invited to explore the other code of Association Croquet, which demands a different set of skills and strategies – beginners’ coaching will be available.
  • Dress: the only constraint is to wear flat-soled shoes to minimise wear and prevent damage to the lawns. Freedom of movement is of obvious importance given the nature of the playing stroke. For tournaments and matches against other clubs, it is the convention to wear predominantly white.
  • Over the year the Club holds many social events such as barbecues, fun competitions, quizzes. Most months there is also a club lunch at a local pub.
  • Tournaments: internal tournaments take place throughout year in both codes of the game. The club is affiliated to the governing body, Croquet England (CqE) and hosts a number of CqE tournaments each year. The club is also affiliated to the South West Federation of Croquet Clubs (SWFCC) and the club enters teams in the SWFCC leagues. As your play improves, you may wish to enter tournaments at other clubs. Members may also be selected to represent the Club in matches in local leagues or national competitions or friendly matches with other local clubs: a great way to improve your game and meet new people.

We’re always keen to meet new players and to introduce them to croquet.  Whether you’re an absolute novice or if you’ve played before in the back garden, we have open days and introductory courses to suit you.

Come along and have a go – we have a stock of mallets and other equipment for you to try, and we’ll give you all the basic instruction you’ll need. All you need is a pair of flat-soled shoes.

Read more if you’re part of a group that wants to give croquet a try, or if you’re ready to join us as a member.