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New Clubhouse Development

Croquet rota Please lend your support


1.1. Timetable
 . Stage 1 works will start circa17th April
 . Stage 2 will start late 2021    

1.2. Please refer to the small inset on the top RHS of the final plan 
 . We will remove the shelter and re-site half of it between lawns 3 and 4 (so it is a shelter for those playing on lawns 3 and 4 - so, no need to rush back to the pavilion!!)
 . We will re-site the shed and garage to just under the wooded slope
 . The circle notes the position of the 20,000 litre water storage tank 
 . You can just see, at the top right of the inset picture, the position of the water treatment plant  - it will be just outside the fence line, so not impeding any cars
 . There is an underground pipe to the new club house - the outflow from the plant will be along the edge of the fence line 
 . Although it is not shown, before we receive the new club house e.g. at the end of 2021 or spring 2022 we will re-site the eco loo to just behind the current small pavilion, install a flushing loo and connect it to the water treatment 
         plant - so flushing loos come early!!
 . There will be decking around the new club house all with disabled access
 . We have shown 2 disabled parking spaces at the rear of the new club house (there will be more)


1.3. Please refer to the internal layout of the new club house
 . The classroom has a metal outer skin and is well insulated with internal plaster board walls
 . It has a gas heating system, electrics, security system - all of which we will re-use
 . We have shown the classroom as it is now - without the current internal walls, but showing the approximate position of the kitchen, 2 disabled loos (that will be extended to enable people to change into their ‘croquet clothing’) 
         and storage (that will also double as a ’sports bag ‘depository’)
 . The exact final design will reflect any aspect we have not included and where internal walls can be sited (we will know this when the current building is re-sited at CPCC and the insides are removed)
 . We will be liaising with Val Fear about the kitchen 
 . We will be installing wide bifold doors and larger double glazed windows at the front giving excellent views across the lawns 


1.4. Please refer to Elevation B and D
 . This shows the bifold doors and larger double glazed windows
 . To respond to BANES planners’ views we have included a wooden facia both at the front and rear of the new club house with a pediment with a clock tower
 . You will note the fencing and the disabled access slope


1.5. Not shown - but still in the plan
 . Wifi on site, so your mobile will work and we will link in our security system
 . Plastic car park matting so we can extend the safe car parking area without affecting rainwater run off (we can still cut the grass growing above the matting)