Inter-Club Championship

A strong East Dorset team of four players visited CPCC today for the first round of this annual GC competition. As can be seen from the picture every effort was made to make East Dorset welcome to our club.

In the morning the two strongest players from each team played best of three doubles. Meanwhile the other two playes played best of three singles.

In the afternoon four best of three singles matches were played.

CPCC was represented by Andy Loakes(0), Marion Button(5), Patrick Knight(5) and Robin Oldland(5). East Dorset brought their “A” team, namely Jonathan Powe(-4), Steve Leonard(-3), David Kendrick(-2) and Michelle Leonard(2) as well as Monty the whippet.

Given the opposition’s strength we lost most of our games, but an honorable mention goes to Marion who won two of her games against much stronger opposition and Patrick who won one game.

So, as the time-honoured saying goes – “We’re out of the cup, we can now concentrate on the league”.