The Bells Ring Out

If the bells of St Mary’s and then Bath Abbey ringing out for the first hour of the GC Level Play (North) match against Camerton & Peasedown Croquet Club were to celebrate the home team’s expected victory, it was somewhat premature. As they fell silent it was one all. By lunch, it was still even, 5:5, with most games very close. After lunch, the match swayed gently to and fro, eventually, CPCC coming out winners of their first level play match this season, 11:9.

The following Sunday, the bells rang again when the two clubs met in the GC High Handicap (Central) League. CPCC’s lead of one game through the mounting heat of the morning evaporated after a lunch of too many carbohydrates and in one case, sunstroke. Bath’s revenge for their earlier loss in the HH league was a 9:11 defeat for CPCC.

The day before, CPCC had met Abbey on Peasedown’s sun-drenched lawns in the GC Central (North) League – another evenly matched encounter. With only four singles to play it was 8:8, even though Jeremy Key-Pugh fluked a shot the full length of the lawn to take his game. Then the last four games all went CPCC’s way bringing them a 12:8 victory.

In the GC Central (South) Handicap League match against Weston-Super-Mare, the scores swung more like Big Ben. After the initial four games, it was a tie. W-S-M won the next four before CPCC evened it at 6:6. The following four all went to the home team. Though in the last four, the visitors fought valiantly, CPCC came out victors at 11½:8½.

CPCC’s AC match for the Murphy Interclub Shield was against the holders, Watford. Watford won all the morning’s rounds. In the afternoon the match swung violently. CPCC drew level. It came down to the last game, the last hoop, and the narrowest of gaps. CPCC came that close but lost 3:4. Quasimodo would have been proud.