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Covid-19 Guidance from The Croquet Association

Croquet Association Guidance
Covid-19 Precautions for Playing Croquet
2nd March 2021




The CA's Task Force has reviewed the guidance it published on 24th February in the light of representations from clubs to relax it, but also continued requests from the government not to anticipate the steps set out in its roadmap for ending the lockdown.

It has retained the restriction that there should be no more than six players (the gathering limit) on a full-sized court for informal play and added that there should be no more than four players on a half-size or short croquet court, with the provision that players on adjacent courts should not interact. The most significant change from last year is that formally organised Federation and Club tournaments/coaching are now treated the same as those in the CA Calendar, but that does not extend to club roll-up sessions.

The revised summary guidance is as below and more detailed guidance for clubs and players has now been published. Further guidance for tournaments is being prepared.

The Croquet Association's task force has reviewed the COVID-19 response for England published by HM Government on 22nd February and has kept in touch with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and the Sport & Recreation Alliance. It appears that national governing bodies of sports are being allowed greater latitude to set guidelines appropriate for their individual sports, within the overall framework of the national restrictions.

In broad outline, our guidance is that, subject to the four tests mentioned in that document and confirmation of the actual dates:

Step 1a, before 29th March:

Step 1b, from 29th March:

Guidance for later steps will be added in due course. Changes that are expected to come into place at these times include:

Step 2, from no earlier than 12th April. As Step 1b, except that:

Step 3, from no earlier than 17th May: